Who We Are

As an islander myself – born and raised on the idyllic island of Bermuda – I have always been drawn to places that are brimming with local personality – true to the land upon which they are proudly resident. Being in the travel business for the past 25 years, I have learned of, read about and experienced first-hand many resorts, but few have the spirit and attitude that a property must possess to become part of our collection – IslandLuxe, Places of Personality. Here I will share with you my collection of gems scattered along the Atlantic and Caribbean waters. If you, like me, are lured by the gentility of the old West Indies, the civility and charm of Bermudas’ most sought after yet most private places you need to look no farther. For, in this site, are enough places to visit that will fill you up and satisfy your soul for many years to come.